Studio​ ​K​ ​Terms​ ​& Conditions

(Applicable to anyone registering a child aged 15 and under)

1. Membership – Payment by Automatic Card Charge

1.1. Your child’s membership will begin on the day you join/ or on the first day of the new term (whichever is relevant).
1.2. You will need to sign up and pay for each weekly class you want your child to attend separately.
1.3. When paying by Automatic Card Charge, an initial registration fee payment may be required to cover the period up to your first payment.
1.4. If Studio K or the bank/building society makes a mistake with your payment you are guaranteed a full and immediate refund from your bank/building society.
1.5. We may change the amount of your monthly payments. If we do we will write to you at the address you have given us or send you an email to the address you have given us 14 days before the changes take place
1.6. Monthly fees are payable even if you do not use the centre.
1.7. There are 36 classes per year for each class a student is enrolled in.
1.8. Annually there are 12 payments (36 classes per year divided equally over 12 payments annually). 1.9. Payments are automatically scheduled for 1st of each month. If payment fails we may at any point attempt to take payment throughout the month. Payments are taken 1 month in advance. Payment for classes must be received before the student’s first class of the month.

1.b. If you have joined us before April 2017 you may still be on a termly payment plan. If so we require half a terms notice for cancellation. Failure to do so will result in being charged in full for the next term.

2. Cancelling Your Membership

Memberships cannot be cancelled prior to the agreed contract length that you have signed up for and the last payment has been made. The cancellation notice of 30 days must be made in writing to Studio K (e-mail A confirmation will be sent back. Queries on cancelled memberships can only be dealt with when a copy of this letter is provided. Contact Studio K on 02034174070. If your payment dates falls within the notice period the last payment will be charged in full.

3. Centre Rules.

3.1. You must comply with the centre rules/etiquette which forms part of this agreement.
3.2. We may change the rules/etiquette at any time. We will email notice of any changes at the centre.
3.3. You child must arrive on time for their class/es and participate in the warm up/first section of the class. Failure to be in class within the first 10 minutes may result in them not be allowed to take part and you will still be charged for the class.
3.4. Please make the studio aware of any medical conditions, injuries, recent surgeries or if there is anything else you think they need to know about your child.
3.5 Try not to bring valuables to class but if they have to please make sure they take them into the studio and hand them to the instructor. All mobile phones must be turned off/on silent during classes.
3.6. No parents are to stay and watch classes unless invited in by a member of staff except when we have a ‘watching day.
3.7. A Studio K t shirt or vest top must be worn as uniform for all classes by all members aged 15 and under as well as nonrestrictive clothing and trainers (except for Contemporary where students will be bare foot). Long hair must be tied up for all classes.
3.8. For younger members a parent/guardian will need to come to the door of the studio to drop off and collect children. If someone different is collecting your child please let us know.
3.9. It is important that your child attends every week to aid progress. If for any reason your child is unable to attend a class please let us know ( call – 02034174070 or email –
3.10. No child is to go to the toilet alone, if on another floor, and will need to wait until a member of staff is available to take them. (Students in youth classes need to ask permission but may go alone).
3.11. We make take pictures and/or videos during classes and performances and we operate on an ‘opt out’ policy so please] inform us immediately if you wish to opt your child out of all photos and videos.
3.12. We may change the teacher of any scheduled classes at any time. If so we will notify you via email. The same class/service will still be provided by the new teacher.

4. Facilities

4.1. You may have to pay additional charges to do other activities/workshops/courses at the studio. You can get a list of these from our reception points. We can change these prices at any time.
4.2. We can refuse access to the centres facilities if we consider your health maybe adversely affected by the use of such facilities.
4.3. The studio may open/close earlier during public holiday periods. Facilities may also close for occasional special events. Notices will be displayed in the studio in advance notifying customers of any changes. No refunds will be available for these periods.
4.4. We may change the studio’s opening times or withdraw any of the facilities at any time if we need them for events, or other special activities.
4.5. We may need to close a facility or part of it for repair/refurbishment on the grounds of health and safety or improving customer service. Classes may also have to be cancelled due to unforeseen instructor unavailability. In the above circumstances we will use our best endeavours to:
4.5.1. Give as much notice as is reasonably practicable by displaying notices in the studio.
4.5.2. Arrange for alternative facilities during a period of closure.
4.6. Studio K management reserve the right to change the activity programme or instructors. Prior notice will be given in the centre relating to activity cancellations or the introduction of new sessions or instructors.
4.7. Promotions do not apply to existing members.

5. Loss or Damage

5.1. Studio K will compensate for any loss or damage suffered if we fail to carry out our obligations under this agreement, or to a reasonable standard, or breach any duties imposed on us by law unless that failure is attributable to:
(i) your own fault;
(ii) a third party unconnected with our provision of services under this agreement; or
(iii) events which neither we nor our suppliers could have foreseen or forestalled even if we had taken all reasonable care.
5.2. Any lost property handed-in will be retained by staff and should be claimed within a 2week period. After this it will be donated to charity.

6. Money Back Guarantee

6.1 We offer a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee as we truly believe in what we do, and the impact this can have on the lives of our clients. We offer a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee in all of our memberships when you first sign up. If after using your membership it for 7 days decide for any reason that its’ not for you, we will simply refund all of your money.
*T&C’s apply…
1. Requests for a full refund must be received in writing, either by email or hand delivered to the studio.
2. Requests must be received by close of business on the 7th day after signing up.
3. All requests for a refund after that deadline will not be considered.
4. After this time, please refer to our Cancellation policy.

7. Return / Refund

7.1. In respect of all packages and services, once the Money Back Guarantee Deadline has passed, no refunds will be given. In exceptional circumstances such as a critical medical health condition or forced relocation outside of the Richmond area, a refund may be considered and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

8. Privacy Policy

8.1. Your personally identifiable information is kept secure. Only authorised employees, agents and contractors (who have agreed to keep information secure and confidential) have access to this information. Studio K will never sell trade, rent, exchange or otherwise share your personal information with any other person, company or organization. The Studio K website uses security and safeguard measures to protect users’ information. One such measure is our use of secure server software (SSL), to ensure that your credit card will be protected against fraudulent use while on our site. Information collected by Studio K about its users is used internally by authorised employees of Studio K for following reasons:
To process payment, register you in the program of your choice, update you when required of any possible changes of the planned services at Studio K, determination of those areas, features, and services that are valued the most and found most helpful. Also, we collect information to determine the appropriate participation in the activities and services provided at Studio K and on our sites.

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