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Spring Term Dates 

Tuesday 4th January to Monday 4th April

Half Term (no classes) – Monday 14th to Sunday 20th February

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Lil Groovers & Mini Groovers

Come and join us and be ready to get funky and get creative! This class is a great way to introduce your child to music and dance. They will begin to learn rhythm and co-ordination all whilst having fun and to top it off the class is set to a soundtrack of fun and funky music!

Mini Groovers classes are for ages 3 to 4.
Lil’ Groovers classes are for ages 4 to 6.

Street Dance – (Junior and Youth)

Great fun classes for kids and teens. Come and learn skills in lots of street dance styles (including hip hop, locking, popping, waacking and house) and use them in cool routines as well as building confidence to freestyle. Perfect for making new friends, getting creative, learning funky moves and staying fit and healthy.

We offer Street Dance classes for ages 4 to 15.

Acro Dance

Acro Dance is an intense class fusing gymnastics, dance and stretching to various pieces of music. Students will learn basic gymnastics moves to enhance their dance performances as well as improving their flexibility, co-ordination, strength and balance.

The class will enhance the students overall body awareness in a class that is fun and specific to their progression.

Contemporary – (Junior and Youth)

Do your kids love ‘The Next Step’ and ‘Dance Mum’s’? Are you struggling to find the right class for them? Then you are in the right place! Contemporary dance aims to help in the discovery of the bodies movement ability. Creating a comfortable and safe environment for our young dancers to explore and express freely.
To begin the class there will be a 15-20 warm up, incorporating Contemporary techniques such as Graham (muscular contractions and release), Limon (which is the use of gravity and bodily momentum) and Release (the use of fall and recovery and natural movement). All of these techniques use initiation from one part of the body which effects another.
 Choreography will be a mix of fluid, more lyrical movement all the way through to the more abstract and staccato movement to provide variety. Contemporary dance is Lottie’s passion and she can’t wait to share it with you.

We offer Contemporary Dance classes for ages 7 to 16.


Uniform (applicable for all students aged 15 and under)


No jewellery is to be worn in class, non-removable piercings should be covered with medical tape. Hair must be tied up and off the face.

Failure to adhere to the uniform requirements, including hair and jewellery, may result in the student being asked to sit out of the lesson if the instructor considers the student to be at risk of injury.

Street Dance/ Breaking/ Lil’ Groovers

A Studio K branded T shirt or vest top (in red, white or black) must be worn.

studio k tshirts

To purchase either of these items please contact the studio.

These tops are to be worn along with leggings, jogging bottoms or sports shorts (no jeans or restrictive clothing) and clean trainers.


A Studio K branded T shirt or vest top (in red, white or black) must be worn.

studio k tshirts

To purchase either of these items please contact the studio.

Girls – Must wear either plain black leggings or black footless tights and a black leotard or black footless catsuit. (see ‘Junior/Youth Contemporary’ section of our online shop). Studio K T-shirt or vest to be worn over the top.

Boys – either plain black jog pants or plain black dance shorts. (see ‘Junior/Youth Contemporary’ section of our online shop).

Bare feet or foot thongs.

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us!

Ava is an active child who had no previous dance experience before finding Studio K but we were looking for a new after school club for her to join. She was worried that the instructors would be really strict and she wasn’t good enough at dance to join in. The free taster class was great and helped to settle any worries we had. Straight away Ava was introduced to the class and made to feel at home. The instructor was fun and energetic and wasn’t scary. Ava left with a big smile on her face and couldn’t wait for her next class!

Her confidence has been boosted and she has made lots of new friends. Having the opportunity to perform has been Ava’s favourite thing about Studio K and I love that she is always encouraged to work hard and keep getting better. We love Studio K and would recommend it to everyone!

Charlotte Crouch (Twickenham)

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