Street Dance Crews

Street Dance – Competitive Crews

We currently have 3 competitive street dance crews These crews rehearse on a Saturday afternoon and compete and perform at various events and competitions throughout the year. We hold auditions for these crews in July.

If your child is aged 6 to 17 and interested in auditioning or you want to find out more just ask at reception or give us a call.

Auditions for the 2023/24 season will take place on Saturday 8th July. You can sign up to audition now using the button below. Registration will close on Wednesday 5th July.

‘”I am a proud parent of a young and talented dancer, Tallulah, who is a member of the incredible dance crew, Kryptonites.

Being a part of this group has been an absolute blessing for my daughter, and I can confidently say that it has helped her build confidence and grow as a person.
Dance has always been a passion of Tallulah’s, and being a part of Kryptonites has allowed her to express herself in ways I have never seen before.

Watching her perform is truly mesmerising and fills me with pride.

I can proudly say that Kryptonites has not only taught Tallulah the art of dance, but it has also been an incredible source of empowerment and growth for her.
Seeing Tallulah transform into a confident and talented performer has been an absolute joy for me.

Being part of the crew has given Tallulah a platform to express herself freely through dance, and this has helped her blossom into a confident and expressive young lady.
Kryptonites has become more than just a dance crew to Tallulah, they have become her family. She loves spending time with her team and working towards a common goal of perfecting their craft.

More than anything, I am incredibly grateful to the team and their leaders especially ‘Con Air’ for the love, support and nurturing environment they have provided for Tallulah.
I have seen firsthand how their encouragement has allowed Tallulah to shine and be the best version of herself, both on and off stage.

Tallulah has learned valuable lessons about teamwork, dedication, and discipline, all while having fun and doing what she loves.

Seeing your child thrive in something they are passionate about is an indescribable feeling, and I know that being a part of Kryptonites will stay with Tallulah for the rest of her life.
I cannot recommend the Kryptonites dance crew enough to anyone who wants to see their child grow in confidence and skill.

The experience has been nothing short of wonderful. Thank you, Kryptonites and Studio K, for all that you do!”

Tallulah's mum...

“Marisia has been with Studio K for almost 6 years but she joined the Kosmic Crew this year! Since Kosmic was formed they had great performing opportunities including the fireworks show, theatre performances, fairs, the studio k Show and street dance competitions. Ginger and Sarah have been building the kids’ skills and confidence and just encourage them to enjoy every experience! My daughter has become more confident on stage and improved greatly in different street styles. Improving her freestyle and musicality helped her improve in other types of dance and become a stronger performer. The competitions are tough but that helped develop resilience and persistence and enjoy the successes even more. Most importantly, my daughter made new friendships as the crew members are a team and the children really support each other even outside the studio. It’s heartwarming to see that all crews support each other despite the age difference.This atmosphere is nurtured by Sarah, Ginger and Connor. Team bonding activities and workshops have been invaluable! As a parent I have not found the experience stressful because everything was very well organised and I was made aware of the schedule from the beginning of the year so I knew how to manage our time and what to expect.

This year I watched Marisia grow as a performer and become a good “team player”. All that while having fun!”

In Marisia’s words:

“I learned a lot of new things like more waacking moves and breaking, having lots of fun, going to competitions and winning or learning from mistakes. Working and improving on choreography and freestyles. And I loved making new friends.”

Marisia's mum...

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